Smart Building Solution

Smart Building Management

Building management systems are the backbone of smart buildings. They are the systems put in place to allow building owners and tenants to monitor, maintain and manage the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical functions within a structure. BMS deployment usually involves the installation of sensors, software, a network and a cloud-based data store. BMS functions include management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as lighting, security and safety operations. But perhaps a building management system’s biggest appeal is its proven ability to lower energy usage, and therefore, save money.

What You Can Measure

Monitor and store temperature data for multiple areas using detachable (pre-calibrated) sensor probes feeding to one of our environment monitors. Ensure that vaccines, biological samples, blood and other critical elements are kept under the right temperature conditions. Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports for compliance requirements.

Dry-contact sensors that detect the opening and closing of a door should be installed on cooler and freezer doors housing critical inventory.

Get notified upon losing main power.

Tie in a smoke alarm to the environment monitoring system to get alerts for early smoke detection via email and SMS in addition to the local audible alarm. Ideal for remote locations.

Keep an eye on remote conditions with video surveillance. Tie-in your IP surveillance cameras with an environmental monitor for an instant view of your environment upon from our user interface.

High humidity may lead to corrosion on electronic components and low humidity levels may cause issues with static electricity.

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