Smart Transportation Solution

Smart Transportation

The goal of the MaxTrak solution is to build a flexible and open application platform that integrates advanced wireless and sensor communications with mobile computing techniques in a cloud-based infrastructure. This platform can be used to create pervasive smart management applications to improve the safety and efficiency of both the public and private transportation industry. To this end, MaxTrak enables users to build sophisticated data monitoring solutions and integrate this data with analytics and management systems to allow for data mining to assist smart applications. The MaxTrak platform is also intended to support novel applications that assist users with their travel decision-making.

What You Can Measure

Temperature sensor probes should be placed strategically around critical communications equipment to ensure optimal operating temperature conditions.

High humidity may lead to corrosion on electronic components and low humidity levels may cause issues with static electricity.

Dry-contact sensors that detect the opening and closing of a door should be installed at the room entry points and on the doors of server and UPS cabinets.

Monitor current coming into the compressor motor.

Live GPS tracking and GEO location services.

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