Let's Begin

Benefits of Using MaxTrak

Drag and Drop dashboard builder:

Create simple or complex dashboards specifically catered to your needs using MaxTrak's intuitive dashboard builder. Insert custom interactive features such as Maps, or Weather widgets.

Custom Alerts:

Set custom alert and alarm notifications based on your own specified parameters. You can receive these notifications either by telephone, email, or SMS text

Rich set of APIs:

Build feature-rich services faster with MaxTrak easy-to-use APIs.

Reduce time of development to a minimum:

Our platform provides many modules that are common to any M2M project, like Data Collection, Data Storage, Security, Device Management and much more. Just focus on your dashboard and let us do the rest

Debugging tools:

Building an M2M/IoT dashboard can be quite simple and fast, but there can always be some details that can be out of your control such as foreign devices. MaxTrak provides industry standard tools for making debugging easier and a rich tool set plus programmatic access to create and control system alerts and alarms.

Immediate scalability:

There's almost no limit to how high or how quickly your app can scale. Our platform can scale up to hundreds of thousands of devices and customers.

Free* to start then pay for what you use:

Get started without any upfront costs and build an app for up to 5 devices. If you add more devices pay only for the resources you use.

* Data Limits Apply.

Ready to start developing:

Our development platform and application hosting services are on the cloud with a FREE account available to manage up to 5 devices. You don't have to buy or maintain any infrastructure. You can start prototyping and deploying applications to your users in a matter of minutes if your device already exists in our extensive library of devices. Don't see your chosen device in our list? Don't worry, send us the make, model and manufacturer of your preferred device and we will create it with all available protocols absolutely free in a matter of hours. You can even, in most cases, add it yourself with a little practice

Why choose us?

Device Management

Using MaxTrak device management features and the 2-way communication protocols you can take full control of your sensors, devices and/or machines. You will be able to remotely maintain, control and interact with your devices regardless of their location.

Data Collection

Whether it is data from your sensors or status information from the device, you can store and access your data from MaxTrak any where at any time. Connect your devices to the cloud or an on-premise database and use our HTTP RESTful API to push XML or JSON encoded data from your devices to the MaxTrak platform. Your devices can send any type of data. You can secure your data using HTTPS. You can have further security measures like data encryption and checksums. It's very simple, secure and extremely fast!

Data Storage

MaxTrak has a wide range of database options (MS-SQL, MySQL, and Oracle) that can store large volumes of data within secured and redundant storage locations, all with high transactional capabilities. Take control of your device data and use it to set actions or set alerts and alarms.


Are you involved in multiple M2M/IoT projects?

With MaxTrak you can manage them all. You can separate them in a way that users and devices can only see their own dashboard or you can let projects interact with each other. You can restrict access to areas of a dashboard based on user security levels. It is up to you, MaxTrak hierarchy lets you manage it and you can associate custom business logic and data at each level.


Unlimited customers and with unlimited projects (eg: Smart buildings, Smart Transportation, Smart Hospitals etc...)


Connect sites such as Restaurants, Manufacturers, Buildings, Farms etc...


With one or more sensors (eg: Environmental Monitoring, Product Tracking, Equipment Monitoring, Transportation Live Geo-positioning, ColdChain Management, etc...)


Devices are put in groups (eg: HVAC Systems, Hardware Status, etc...)

A MaxTrak cloud based or on-premise solution is secure, scalable and makes it very easy to collect data from your connected M2M and IoT objects, store it, and build powerful visualization applications in a few simple steps.